hasaportfolio is a free theme that turns your tumblr into a portfolio.

Download the text file and install it on your own tumblr.
Request a hasportfolio.com subdomain or buy your own domain name.
Customize the theme by uploading your own logo and picking an accent color.
Features infinite scrolling so that all your projects can be seen on one page.
Supports photo, video, and photoset post types.
Create custom pages and add links for your blog, resume, and email address.

What will it look like?

Visit the sample hasaportfolio tumblr and try it out for yourself.


Hasaportfolio is a completely free service. However, if you'd like to donate a few dollars as a token of appreciation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Donate $5

Donate $10

Donate $25

Previous Versions

Installing the latest version of hasaportfolio is preferable, but if you'd like to use a previous version of the theme, you can still download version 1 or version 2.


How can I install the theme?

Just copy the contents of the theme text file, go to your Customize page, click on the Theme tab, click on Use Custom HTML, and then paste the contents of the text file in the field above. Finally, click Save + Close.

I'm only seeing parts of the theme when I follow the instruction above. What should I do?

Trying downloading the theme text file to your computer, open it with a simple text editor (like Notepad), then try copying and pasting it into your Custom HTML field.

How do I get my own custom hasaportfolio.com subdomain?

First you'll need to request it. Once you get an email back from me confirming that you've got it, you'll need to go to your Customize page, click on your Info tab, check the box that says "Use a custom domain name" and enter your hasaportfolio.com subdomain

Why doesn't hasaportfolio support text, quotes, chat, links or audio?

Hasaportfolio was designed specificially for using tumblr as a portfolio platform. There are plenty of other great themes for blogging, so if you need support for other post types, try another theme. You're also welcome to edit the theme yourself to include support for these post types

How do I upload a custom logo or change the accent color?

This can all be done by going to Customize and then clicking on the Appearance tab.

Will you customize this theme for me?

Unfortunately I don't have time to help everyone, but you're welcome to customize the theme yourself. You can start by looking at the tumblr custom theme documentation.

Do you offer tech support for the theme?

Because the theme is free, I'm afraid I don't have time to offer support for it.

Will you offer tech support if I donate?

I ask that you donate only if you want to support the work that has already been done and want to help for the domain costs. Donating does not entitle you to tech support.


If you've got something to say about the theme or have a request, feel free to leave a comment.

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